The Atlas Metal Book Binding System: A unique and innovative bookbinding machine

The Atlas MB 300 | Electric Book Binding Machine.

opus_book_binder.jpgMany organizations and companies are now turning to a new and unique binding system called Metal bind. Metalbind bookbinding offers innovative and useful features and tools, such as secure and professional simple channel binding. The Metalbind Atlas bookbinding machine is a versatile and unique binding system that is compact, affordable, and powerful!

Traditional binding methods like comb, coil, and wire binding can be hard to use and time consuming.

We will take a closer look into the Metal bind book binding system and take a look at the Atlas Book Binding System and learn more about what sets simple channel binding apart from other traditional binding systems and why using Metal bind’s channel book binding will save your company time and increase productivity.

How it Works:

Channel binding uses U-shaped metal spines to bind documents, books, and photo books. Unlike comb, coil, or wire binding that requires tiny holes be punched into the document in order for it to be bound, simple channel binding relies on the pressure created by the crimped metal spine to hold the pages in place. Based on regular 20 lb. paper, Metal Bookbinding Spines are available in many different sizes and styles, and can accommodate documents up to 300 pages. Metalbind spines come in a 6” – 11” and can bind anything from a tiny photo book to letter size business portfolio. The simple channel binding process is fast and surprisingly easy to use and the Metalbind book binding spines can help save time while creating your document. If you are looking for a faster binding system, the Atlas simple channel bookbinding machine does not require that any holes be punched into the document, which means that the additional step of punching is eliminated. Punching is often the most time consuming portion of the traditional binding process, since large documents have to be punched in smaller sets based on the punching capacity of each individual binding machine. With punching eliminated, documents can be bound much more quickly and large runs can be completed in considerably less time.

The Metalbind book binding system also offers a wide variety of cover that you can custom create, from Premium Leather, Mundial, Linen, Suede, and photo pouch covers. You can have any cover foil stamped or digitally printed on or create your own cover and use the laminate pouch cover. Wrap around book cover can also be made available by Masterbind USA. If you are looking for a sleak adnd professional look inside your book, we suggest using Holmberg lay flat paper that can come in a wide variety of types from photo paper to legal sized stock. The Holmberg Layflat paper uses a FlexBind to their sheets that have a patent-pending laminated hinge, which allows presentations to lay flat.  The toner-receptive laminated hinge and extended sheet sizes make full-bleed printing and trimming possible.


The Benefits of the Atlas Book Binding Machine

The Metalbind Atlas offers a number of benefits that can be appreciated by organizations of all sizes including printers, teachers, photographers, law offices, financial institutions, and real estate agencies. The Atlas comes as a manual or semi automatic machine, so it requires no electricity to operate and minimal effort as well. This machine is also very compact, and only has a desktop footprint smaller than 11″ x 17″.

Furthermore, having documents or portfolios that are truly secure and tamper-resistant is a concern for many businesses, especially those in the legal and financial industries and since the spine is permanently crimped during the metal bind binding process, it is impossible to remove or replace pages without using the specialized debinding tool. In addition, the simple channel spines are sleek and bound documents are easy to stack or store, unlike books made with other traditional binding styles.

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