The Atlas 120 Easy Book Binding Machine: Finding Easier Methods for Your Binding Projects

The Atlas 120 Manual Easy Metalbind Book Binding Machine

As a school teacher, small business owner, or photographer, book binding is going to become a major part of your operations occasionally, or often. Yet, finding a book binding machine that’s easy to use isn’t so simple either. You’ll find a lot of them out there, but how many can make binding projects go quickly when you need something done immediately?

Finding Easier Methods for Your Binding Projects in your Classroom

The Atlas 120 Easy book binding machine from Metal Bind is one of the best products on the market without major expense and working well in any office space.

We carry the Atlas 120 here at Masterbind USA for convenient online buying. Through us, you can even gain some knowledge on the best features.

One thing to know first is how lightweight the machine is, making it perfect for those of you with small offices. It’s excellent for home use as well if you operate a self-employed business.

No matter your industry, you may run across customers who need binding done in a hurry. Let’s look at the Atlas 120’s features to show you what’s possible.

Use Without Book-Binding Experience

One thing about other book-binding machines on the market: You need some binding experience to use them successfully. Just look at others on the market and see how complex they are to learn, along with being overtly expensive.

When you don’t have time for a steep learning curve, the Atlas 120 is there to bring you a fast solution. You don’t even need any binding knowledge to operate this machine and get a book bound in mere minutes.

While designed for small documents, it has a patented metal channel process to make product use so easy. As such, you’ll be able to bind small to medium workloads at an incredible rate.

atlas_120-2.pngThe Atlas 120 Easy Book Binding Machine by Masterbind USA 

How Much Time Does it Take to Bind?

At only 10 seconds per bind, imagine how many documents you can get bound in less than half-an-hour. Any other machine would take you hours if not days to complete the binding process thoroughly.

More specifically, you can bind or de-bind up to 120 sheets at once. For a school teacher, as an example, this could bind educational booklets for every student during one lunch hour.

Someone running a small business can bind printed marketing brochures in an hour to get a leg up on competitors. It’s the same for photographers who may bind photo books on the side to make extra money.

No Added Accessories

Almost every other binding machine being sold today requires use of glue, punching, or an electrical outlet. The Atlas 120 has such a unique design, it doesn’t even need electricity to create a perfect binding.

It also doesn’t need glue or punching tools. It’s evidence of smart engineering bringing almost the same results for less money and involving less time.

Thanks to a built-in guiding system, you’re guaranteed to get professional binding without any errors. All together, you could almost call this a non-electrical automated system.

Other Benefits to Buying the Atlas 120

When you buy the Atlas 120 from us, you’ll get three available easy covers, sold separately. With a one-year warranty, you’ll receive full protection if you need any repairs, though the machine’s durability should give you years of use.

Machine weight is only 24 lbs. making it easy to carry from one spot to another. You can place it on virtually any counter top thanks to minimal dimensions. Not having a bulky binding machine in your office also makes for easy storage when you’re away on vacation, or when transporting it to another business location.

Visit us at Masterbind USA to learn more about the Atlas 120 and why simplicity in binding machinery is the best policy for the future.

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