Fastback Strips | Various Lengths & Widths for Your Book Project

Many book binding projects have differing sizes and widths, but how many binding tools have you used that allow you to customize? It’s not easy to find binding strips (or machines) on the market that allow this quickly when pressed for time. You can say the same about color variety when a customer wants a color that goes beyond the standards.

Differnt book sizes for different project

If you have experience working with Powis Parker binding machines, then you need to know about their Fastback binding strips that solve many of the issues mentioned above. They’re designed for those who want streamlined binding while accommodating different book sizes without requiring extra time.

Powis Parker Fastback strips are simply some of the best binding tools on the market, and we want to continue showing you the benefits. At Masterbind USA, we’re soon adding these to our product list, so here’s how to use these to your advantage for all book lengths and widths.

Fastback Strips for Narrow Binding

If you’re putting together relatively small educational booklets in a school or workplace, Fastback strips help save hours of extra binding work time. The secret to this is Powis Parker uses thermal adhesives on each of their paper-based strips.Thermal binding has become very popular in the last few years due to cutting production time and creating an attractive finish. When you have dozens of smaller books to bind, these strips get it done for you in nearly a day.Keep in mind that a narrow binding means up to 125 sheets in your books, or basically one-inch thickness.

Thermal Strips and covers.png

Powis Parker Fastback™ Thermal LX Strips and Book Covers 

Medium Binding

In your workplace, you may need to put together training manuals or other relevant data in book form. To keep everything together, you’ll need to bind them with something durable without protracted work time.

With Fastback strips, you can take on medium binding projects as well, or up to 250 sheets. This means any book up to 2 inches can easily get done in minutes. Thanks to better technology, the adhesive on the strips never seeps past any of your book’s edges.

Wide Binding

Perhaps you’re creating a large manual or reference source in your workplace that goes up to 350 pages. Thanks to Fastback Strips accommodating book sizes up to 3 inches thick, you can do this successfully without problems.When you use a Fastback 20 machine to apply these binding strips, you’ll have your books bound in about 15 seconds. Plus, each strip has a code on the back telling the machine exactly what the size is.

Customizing the Length of Your Book

Whether you work in an office or a printing company, you know books are going to come in varying lengths. A customer may come in asking to bind a book that’s only 8.5 inches. Or, they may request one going up to 14 inches.Unlike similar products on the market, Powis Parker lets you choose more customized lengths you need. They have strips that come in 8.5 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches, 14 inches, plus 14 7/8 inches.

Finding a Unique Color for Your Book Project

How frustrated have you become trying to find bindings that give more colors beyond a few basics? Trying to match a binding color with your book cover is always a challenge, yet Powis understood the need for primary color variation.

You can get the standards like white, black, red, and blue. However, you’ll also be able to use more distinct colors like Jade Green, Lapis Lazuli, Maroon, Warm Grey, or Dark Brown.

All of these help your book creation stand out and allows you to bring branding colors to any short-run publication or personal printing job.

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