Fastback Strips: A Multi-Purpose & Strong Binding Product

In the book-binding world, finding products that help cut costs and improve productivity is always a top pursuit. It’s something we continually strive to do at Masterbind USA. Recently, we’ve read a lot about Powis Parker products and how their binding strips have become a new industry standard.

So what the Powis Parker Fastback™ Strips?

After looking more at what Powis Parker Fastback strips provide, we’ve decided to soon add these to our binding service. The clincher for us was their multi-purpose use while also providing some innovations.

Most of all, they make binding extremely easy, which you can’t say about all binding tools on the market. Combined with a Fastback binding machine, you’ll be able to bind books in just a few simple steps.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect with Powis Parker’s Fastback strips, what types are available, and what the material innovations are.

Lets break down the Fastback Super Strips?

Basically, these are paper-based strips with a thermal adhesive pre-applied underneath for convenient use on any book project. While it’s certainly not the only product like it out there, the Fastback strips have some notable standout features.

One of the most notable is they’re made with ecological friendliness in mind. Over half of the paper in each strip is from recycled materials, and a quarter of this is from post-consumer pulp.

The adhesive on the strips doesn’t emanate any harmful fumes either, if you’ve had concerns with this in similar items.

With these ecologically friendly aspects available, these products provide some superior results. Once used with a Fastback binding machine, Powis Parker managed to include a unique innovation.

Eliminating Manual Configuration

Keep in mind these Fastback strips only work with three specific Fastback binding machines. They work on the Fastback 20, 11, and 15xs, not including a Powis printer that works as a foil printing tool.

One of the great features is the adhesive side has a special coding Powis Parker applied to automatically recognize each strip’s size and style. When you create binding on one of the above machines, it recognizes this code and adjusts to the settings you need without requiring manual configuration.

Fastback™ Strips Chart- Width.jpg

Widths Available

Another convenience is the strips come in three different widths, plus give you more variance in color. For book projects requiring specialized styles, this helps a lot in not making every binding look uniform.

The narrow width helps with shorter books anywhere from three to 125 pages. A medium strips binds books up to 250 pages long. For the wide strip, you can bind a book up to 350 pages, which is always a challenge with other binding strips.

You get a pull strength of 50 lbs., making it a durable binding that won’t get damaged easily.

Types of Binding Strips

Powis Parker brings some slight variations to their binding strips as well. They offer a Super Strip™ offering strong tape binding in less than 15 seconds. This one comes in 16 different colors for far more variety. The company even lets you create custom colors and lengths if you contact them personally.

To complement the product above, they offer Composition Strips™, a smooth-texture binding strip to give a more finished look. These come in five different colors: Black, white, maroon, dark blue, and red.

Both of these strip types work only on the Fastback 20 binding machine.

LX Strips .jpg

Fastback™ LX Strips by Powis Parker 

Perfect for Mid-Sized and Larger Businesses

There isn’t any question that thermal binding gives a supremely professional appearance to all binding projects. We’re happy to provide them for you, and they’re perfect in pricing if you’re a mid-range or large business.

You won’t find any other binding strips with as many color choices, intelligent features, or environmentally friendly materials.

Visit us at Masterbind USA to find out more about Powis Parker Fastback strips and how you can use them.

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