Everything You Need To Know About The Fastback Powis Stitcher

When it comes to investing in something new, are you the type that likes to know everything about a product before purchasing? Great, we’re glad. We’re excited about the Fastback Powis Stitcher. Here’s what we think you should know.

The Powis Stitcher, part of the Studio Photobook System, is an electric, tabletop machine used to secure a bound book spine. Though labeled a stitcher, it’s actually closer to a modified, powerful, electric stapler. Using a stitching table and foot pedal, staples are rapidly and accurately placed along the spine, ensuring book contents stay securely in position.

Why a stitcher for books that are already bound? The Powis Sticher helps out where binding machines fall short. For example, binding glossy photo book paper presents a few issues, like sticking. This isn’t a problem with the Stitcher.

Now, let’s answer a few questions you might have.


How big is it?

Machine Dimensions: 19″W x 11″H x 17″D (48.3cmW x 27.9cmH x 43.2cmD)

Supplies: 210 8.5mm EBS Staples

Maximum Weight: 25 lbs

What’s the maximum book thickness?

Anywhere between 3 and 30 sheets (with endleaves) at a time, depending on the type of paper you plan to use. With 20 pound paper, you’ll likely be able to use more than 30 sheets at a time. Also, keep in mind that with thicker, glossy photo papers, you may not want to stick with 30 at a time. The best method is to test it out with various types of paper, to determine how thick you can go.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. With conveniently displayed measurements, that let you know exactly where the staples go, at the front of the machine, and an open-throat design, for driving all the way through thick stacks of paper, the Powis Stitcher secures documents quickly and easily.

Why not just use an electric stapler?

The Powis Stitcher offers features electric staplers do not, like the heavy-duty book table, which is great for certain landscape designs. The Stitcher’s marking system also takes the guess-work out and helps ensure precision.

Is it adjustable?

Yes. The Powis Stitcher comes with an adjustable force feature. For thicker document stacks, staples may not cinch completely flat. The good news is, your machine comes with a pair of crimping pliers, to pinch staples the rest of the way, when necessary. For completely secure books, ensure staples are tight. If not, pages may pull away from binding.

Do I have to use the Fastback staples?

Not necessarily. However, it is highly recommended. Standard staples typically won’t have the power of the Fastback premium staples, meaning you’re not able to secure as many pages at a time.

Was it built to last?

Definitely. The Powis Stitchers, designed with a heavy-duty metal stitching table, and a powerful stapler encased in thick plastic for protection, withstand extensive use. Rapid, the manufacturer of some of the highest quality staplers on the market, designed the stapling unit for the Powis Stitcher.

What all can I use the stitcher for?

That’s up to you. The Powis Stitcher is commonly used for photo books, but there’s no reason to stop there. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Scrapbooks hold some of your most precious memories. Use the Stitcher to ensure pages stay together.
  2. Important documents: You wouldn’t want to lose pages from a business presentation. Use the Powis Stitcher to keep documents secure.
  3. Family recipes: Sure, index cards are okay, but doesn’t Grandma’s “famous pie” recipe deserve better than being thrown in the back of a Kitchen junk drawer? Us the Powis Stitcher to make a family recipe book.
  4. Do you enjoy writing? Don’t lose your creations. Use the Powis Stitcher to make books out of your stories, poems, or songs.

Thanks for considering the Fastback Powis Stitcher, we hope this information helps.

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