Document Finishing and Embellishment Techniques with Foil Stamping & Hot-Stamping Machines

Foil stamping created by the Goldpress 4+ by Masterbind USA

The DIY industry of creating eye-catching paper arts, self-published material, and business presentation folders has shaped a wide variety of innovative techniques, supplies, and equipment to produce stunning and professional results. With a bit of ingenuity and imagination, many have found a lucrative home-based business of paper crafts is possible. As a matter of fact, a good portion of Etsy’s 1.6 million sellers are using archival-quality paper products, inks, glues, and other high-quality supplies and equipment to produce handmade creative paper arts to meet a renewed interest in hand-crafted products.

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Paper arts range from the exotic and ancient fine arts of gold leaf illuminated manuscripts and books to contemporary and decorative scrapbooking, custom card creations, and unique invitations. There is a renewed interest in creating and purchasing handmade crafts for many reasons. The satisfaction of supporting the small-business community, the inherent originality and authenticity found in handcrafts, and the exceptional quality of handmade goods are just a few reasons why consumers look to buy handmade.

Finishing and embellishment techniques can take any paper craft from ordinary to extraordinary with Foil Stamping & Hot-Stamping Machines. With the use of these machines, imagine the possibilities:

  • create an impressive and personal finishing touch with foil stamping on yearbook covers, marketing folders, and self-published books to create a distinct, attention-grabbing effect; making your book stand out from the crowd. Stunning titles and logos can easily be added to hard or soft covers of different textures and surface materials. Use the shimmer and shine of foil stamping to highlight a specific image or text for an elegant and dramatic effect.
  • embellish paper hand-crafts with an embossed (raised) image you can see and feel. This graceful three-dimensional effect is rooted in antiquity where the royal emblem or family crest was embossed in wax or clay to declare authenticity of letters or mandates. Today, embossed foil and paper artwork is a technique used to produce exquisite designs which embody grace and merit.
  • imprint multi-color inked or foiled designs with custom hot stamping images that jump off the paper or plastic from colorful greeting cards to one-of-a-kind invitations. Hot stamping creates high print quality images that are perfectly transferred and aligned each time. Create a line of handmade cards and other paper crafts to be reproduced on demand, all from the comfort of your home studio.


The Goldpress 4+ Foil Stamping Machine by Masterbind USA 

The GoldPress 4+ Hot Stamping Machine is the perfect solution for high volume hot stamping, foil stamping, and embossing. This machine features heavy-duty construction and ease of use. The LCD display allows viewing and setting the correct heater temperature and stamping time for optimum results. Hot stamp inscriptions, logos, signs, or symbols to add the perfect finishing touch to all your documents. Create awesome yearbooks when you combine the MetalBind, ChannelBind, FastBind or FastBack equipment with this hot stamping machine, saving your school thousands of dollars over yearbook contractors. An additional drawer is provided for holding fonts and accessories and provides complete storage.

fastback-p21x-foilfast-foil-printer-885.jpgThe Powis Parker Foilfast® Printer P21x

The revolutionary Foilfast® P21x Printer is the perfect addition to any office, it’s small as an inkjet printer and just as easy to operate. Simply design your cover and print it out. It’s that easy. Traditional foil stamping has always been prohibitively expensive, requiring special equipment and custom-made metal dies. Now, with the Foilfast printer, you don’t need to make a die or wait for days ? you go from concept to finished cover in less than two minutes. So, anyone can produce beautiful foil-printed covers as needed. This 600 dpi printer will feed multiple pages, and is designed to work with the Comp Cover line of covers. The Foilfast® also prints in foil on Powis 7 mil. clear poly covers and the printer uses drop-in foil cartridges that come in seven popular colors: gold, silver, black, white, red, green, and blue.

Foil stamping adds a metallic embellishment to business cards, business presentation folders, CD covers and book covers; also, that special sparkle and shine needed for holiday greeting cards. Foil for use in the hot stamping machines include pigment foils which are not shiny, buy have a glossy or matte finish; deco-foils available in a variety of metallic textured patterns and colors; and the standard gold, silver or black foils for a traditional gilded look.Three adjustable fences allow document size settings to be set and locked in for multiple production runs with consistent stamping results. The machine is fully customizable to handle large or small projects and Opus font kits are available from 4mm to 16mm for a variety of inscriptions and titles. Whether you are self-binding yearbooks, business presentation materials, or venturing in the world of paper arts and crafts, a hot stamping and foil stamping machine will take your creations to a new level of creativity.

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