Crease With a Cause: Powis Parker Fastback Scoring Machines

The Powis Parker Fastback Scoring Machine is Mastermind USA’s most recent addition to its line of printing equipment. As a perfect complement to the Fastback 15XS , it precisely scores card stock. It also works splendidly with Flatbook, Photopress and paperback books. Offline scoring equipment has always occupied the highest niche of quality scoring. Most professional printers agree and the Fastback Scoring Machine exceeds all expectations.


Quality scoring does more than just create a ridge, or hinge-like crease, in paper so that it folds easier. It provides the paper, often thicker than regular sheet paper, to fold without cracking or buckling. Even paper colorized with toner-like inks or with thicker clear coats remain safe from damage while using this scoring machine. Adding to the appearance, the ridge made possess a consistent guideline that enhances the book’s looks by giving it an added professional touch. Obviously, thicker paper requires a wider score and Powis Parker scoring machine is up to that challenge too. Finally, the scoring enables the scored books to lay flat. Any reader knows the advantages of this important feature.

As a side note, offline scorers such as the Powis Parker Scoring Machine, render better results than online scoring machines. The scoring process by offline machines gives the printer better control over the width of the ridge. its depth and even its location.

Those are the very three elements that the Powis Parker Scoring Machine has perfected. Simply place the book into the Book Thickness Rings, adjust to the book’s thickness, and “voila” produce perfect scores every time. To further assure a perfect score, the Centering Guide eliminates all guess-work about where to place the score. In addition, as even further assurance,  the transparent die holder lets you watch as each score processes – making it nearly impossible to make a mistake – as one employs its low resistant, soft grip lever.

This scoring machine makes scores 20 pts thick to .5mm. It comes with one scoring die for making double scores, while a single score is also available. Replacing the die is a simple as removing two pins to make the desired switch. It scores one sheet at a time and the force necessary to make the score is minimal, reducing stress related injuries.


As alluded to above, the Powis Parker Scoring Machine is compatible with many of Powis Parker’s other products. This also includes the many printing features the company’s products produce. Bind wraparound soft covers with toner-based printing is just one. The adjustments to the scoring machine enable it to work well with this soft cover feature. It also works well with the Lay Flat (LF), Pressure Sensitive (PS), and Perfectback (TM) strips to secure the cover to the book block. An added advantage is that the final binding requires no heat.

Economically priced, easy to operate, and office friendly, the Powis Parker Scoring Machine tackles any scoring job that a typical office can foresee. With the power to make scores, double and single, it can give any book the professional touch unmatched in the industry. Its perfect compatibility with the Fastback 15XS, a product that is easy to upgrade to from earlier models, makes it the “go-to” scoring machine. As many companies begin turning to in-house printing to produce their own products, the coupling of these two machines is without doubt an essential step toward consummating this goal. Coupled with other Powis Parker products, any company can now produce high-quality products that challenge the product of professional printing houses.

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