The Atlas Metal Book Binding System: A unique and innovative bookbinding machine

The Atlas MB 300 | Electric Book Binding Machine.
Many organizations and companies are now turning to a new and unique binding system called Metal bind. Metalbind bookbinding offers innovative and useful features and tools, such as secure and professional simple channel binding. The Metalbind Atlas bookbinding machine is a versatile and unique binding system that is compact, affordable, and powerful! Traditional binding methods [...]

Fastback Strips: A Multi-Purpose & Strong Binding Product

In the book-binding world, finding products that help cut costs and improve productivity is always a top pursuit. It's something we continually strive to do at Masterbind USA. Recently, we've read a lot about Powis Parker products and how their binding strips have become a new industry standard. So what the Powis Parker Fastback™ Strips? After [...]

Roll Laminators: Professionalism at the Touch of a Finger

Masterbind USA's Laminator paper trimmer unit automatic trimming.
The number of products that the printing industry has innovated over the past few years  is truly amazing. The goal has and continues to embrace lowering costs while increasing production speeds and enhancing quality -- all at the touch of a finger. Roll Laminators are very much a part of the many exciting innovations rolling off the press [...]

How to grow your digital printing company in todays market

Growing your print shop can be tough! But Masterbind USA is here to make it easier! The printing industry is quickly changing in today’s market with technology and sometime finding new ways to market your service can seem daunting! Never to fear though, the millennial generation may gear towards technology but there are still many [...]