Crease With a Cause: Powis Parker Fastback Scoring Machines

The Powis Parker Fastback Scoring Machine is Mastermind USA's most recent addition to its line of printing equipment. As a perfect complement to the Fastback 15XS , it precisely scores card stock. It also works splendidly with Flatbook, Photopress and paperback books. Offline scoring equipment has always occupied the highest niche of quality scoring. Most professional printers [...]

Everything You Need To Know About The Fastback Powis Stitcher

When it comes to investing in something new, are you the type that likes to know everything about a product before purchasing? Great, we're glad. We're excited about the Fastback Powis Stitcher. Here's what we think you should know. The Powis Stitcher, part of the Studio Photobook System, is an electric, tabletop machine used to secure a bound book spine. Though labeled [...]

The Atlas 120 Easy Book Binding Machine: Finding Easier Methods for Your Binding Projects

The Atlas 120 Manual Easy Metalbind Book Binding Machine
As a school teacher, small business owner, or photographer, book binding is going to become a major part of your operations occasionally, or often. Yet, finding a book binding machine that's easy to use isn't so simple either. You'll find a lot of them out there, but how many can make binding projects go quickly [...]

Document Finishing and Embellishment Techniques with Foil Stamping & Hot-Stamping Machines

Foil stamping created by the Goldpress 4+ by Masterbind USA
The DIY industry of creating eye-catching paper arts, self-published material, and business presentation folders has shaped a wide variety of innovative techniques, supplies, and equipment to produce stunning and professional results. With a bit of ingenuity and imagination, many have found a lucrative home-based business of paper crafts is possible. As a matter of fact, [...]

Fastback Strips | Various Lengths & Widths for Your Book Project

Many book binding projects have differing sizes and widths, but how many binding tools have you used that allow you to customize? It's not easy to find binding strips (or machines) on the market that allow this quickly when pressed for time. You can say the same about color variety when a customer wants a [...]