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Multi crease 52 

Creasing & Die Cutting

SKU #1162-42000

 The ultimate 3-in-1 creasing, cutting and punching machine.

The Multicreaser is designed to increase productivity in any office environment. This multipurpose tool can meet any challenge and accomplish any obstacle it may present. The Multicreaser 52 is designed to increase productivity in any office environment and able to handle larger office volumes. Capable to work with various documents like paper, plastic, foil, laminated or materials covered with plastic.

With a heavy-duty cutting blade measuring at 3.5 x 5″, it will crease at a maximum width of up to 20.5″. The machine comes ready to use out of the package which include 1 creasing knife, round corner cutting blade, cutting blade handle, corner cutting pad, cutting pad and a square corner photo window cutting blade. The versatile tool is the perfect fit for any offices, copy/print shops, Universities and photographic studios. 

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 Product Details
Dimensions (D x W x H)23.5″ x 21.5″ x 15″
Weight40 lbs
Warranty1 Year
Max Creasing Width20.5″
Max Thick Material for Crease0.01″
Creasing Bar Thickness0.03″
Cutting Blade3.5 x 5″
ColorOffice Gray
Part Number1162-42000

  • 1 Creasing Knive (20.5″)
  • 1 Round Corner Cutting Blade R6
  • 1 Round Corner Cutting Blade Handle (MC 50)
  • 1 Corner Cutting Pad (MC 50)
  • 1 Cutting Pad (MC 50)
  • 1 Square Corner Photo Window Cutting Blade (3.5 x 5″)

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Multi crease 30 | 3-in-1 creasing, cutting and punching machine by Masterbind

Creasing Machines Accessories

Square Corner Cutter Photo Window

CUTTING BLADE A4 LANDSCAPECUTTING BLADE A4 LANDSCAPE Cutting blade to cut out paper over board from printed sheets to make customized. Dimensions: 251x317mm


  • Cutting Blade: 3.5″ X 5″
  • Cutting blade to cut out paper over board from printed sheets to make customized
  • 1 Photo Window per set

Creasing Knife for the Multicrease 30

CREASING KNIFE 30 HANDLECREASING KNIFE 30 HANDLE for the multi crease 30 and multi crease 50


  • Cutting Blade Size: 11.8″
  • Use with the Multicrease finishing tools
  • 1 Blade included in set
  • Creasing blade 2mm

Round Corner Cutting Blade & Handle

The MasterPress 01 Hot Stamper Machine cutting blade.


  • 1 Round Cutting Blade: Size R6 6 mm knife
  • 1 Cutting Blade Handle: MC 30
  • Calendar thumb cut away kit for wire hangers
  • Used with our O.CORNER CUTTER BLADE HANDLE  MC 30/52

The Corner Cutter & Rounder Pad

Corner cutter/rounder pad for the Multicrease Finishing Tool


  • 1 Corner cutter/rounder pad
  • Cutting Pad Size: MC 30