MasterBind is a newcomer to the market, but they have taken the binding world by storm. Their vision is to develop, provide, and establish a premium line of binding solutions to customers' binding problems. We carry the complete product line of Masterbind and we have an awesome selection of Masterbind binding covers, binding supplies, binding machines and foil stamping machines.

The Atlas 120 Easy 

Metal Bind Book Binding Machine 

SKU #1162-11120

The modern METALBIND Atlas 120 Easy book binding machine has a 120 sheet capacity. Its light weight design and metal housing make it optimal for small office and home office use. Create your very own documents, photo books, and much more right from home or your office. No glue, punching or even electricity is necessary.

The Atlas 120 binds documents by using a patented metal channel process that uses little effort with professional results. At an incredible binding time of 10 seconds per bind, it is the ideal machine to produce at a small to medium volume workload. Binding with the Atlas 120 requires no glue, punching or electricity, just your materials and hands.

Best of the Atlas 120 binding machine is so small and light weight that it fits on virtually any counter top and can be stored easily! 

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 Product Details
Dimensions 14″ (L) X 6″ (W) X 2″ (H)
Weight24 lbs
Warranty1 year
Part Number1162-11120
  • 3 available easy covers (sold separately)
  • Bind or de-bind up to 120 sheets
  • Built in guiding system
  • Small, flexible, and strong metal frame

Product Manual

Product Flyer


Warranty Information

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The Masterbind Debinder provides a mobile and manual debinding documents for any type of edit. This debinder is created to safely debind doucments bound with Masterbind Atlas 150 and 300. The design of the Masterbind Debinder present a comfortable fit in the user's hand and allow for a swiftly debind operation. Searching for a handy and conventional debinder tool? Look no further, the Masterbind Debinder Tool is here to serve you.


  • Save time by editing current document rather than reproducing new copies.
  • Manually de-bind any document
  • Works great with the Atlas 120 Easy 

Imagepress For Atlas 300

Masterbind Imagepress for Atlas book binder machine. The additional hot stamping device , also known as the Imagepress, feature allows user to foil up to 3 lines of 5.5mm text in four positions or a logo on any 8.5 x 11" MetalBind hard and soft cover. The stamping device estimated about 4 minutes of preparation and foil blocking will take no more than 10 seconds. What will be included in the foiling pack are blocks, fonts, frames and foils. Don't waste your time or extra materials, bind and foil with the one and only Masterbind Atlas 300. *Imagepress Device is sold separately

Image Press Features

  • Professional and stylish hot stamps on MetalBind hard and soft covers
  • Hot Stamping attachment for Atlas 300
  • Foil up to 3 lines of 5.5mm text

Cover Guide Bar for Atlas

The coverguide for metal bind book binding from Masterbind USA.

Cover Guide Features

  • Measuring system to help guide 
  • Create your documents faster
  • Helps place your channels in the book binding machine correctly


The Metalbind Masterbind Debunker tool for the atlas book binding machine provides a mobile and manual debinding documents for any type of edit.


  • The De-binder – save time by editing current document rather than reproducing new copies.
  • Works on both the Atlas 190 and Atlas 300
  • Simple and easy process of open closed channels
  • Measure your papers to know which channel you will need